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Why Struggle? Let us Quickly Prepare Your Resume.
Studies have shown that busy hiring managers spend 13-15 seconds scanning a resume for the keyword information they are looking for to fill their open
positions. When resumes are bogged down with information that does not pertain to the specific job opening at hand, hiring managers tend to pass over
"wordy" resumes and move on to those that catch their eye. Why take a chance of having your resume overlooked when the job market is so competitive?
Our resume service is simple and our resume rates are intentionally lower than our competitors. We have the resume writing experience to quickly develop a
targeted one page resume without having to charge our customers for unnecessary research and writing time. Call us today
623-218-7050 or contact us by
email: DoMyResume@AQuickResume.com.

Our resume writers specialize in developing a short, concise one page resume templates and formats. We target our resume designs in any area needed so
you can get the job you deserve. Our most popular requests include clerical resumes, administrative assistant resumes, customer service resumes, trade
related resumes, student resumes, resumes for home-makers returning to work, and resumes for retired individuals looking to work part-time.

A Quick Resume has developed eye-catching resumes, reviewed existing resumes, and written new resumes. Our resume writers have experience also writing
job descriptions, and job specifications across industries and up and down the position spectrum for all types of business. We have resume resources at our
fingertips to quickly identify the right resume keywords and job descriptions so you can begin using your resume quickly.

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